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Learning Experience

It was a very challenging game in SG Open 2017, the oiling pattern was not easy for my girl to bowl given that her bowl speed was not fast enough. Thanks to Coach David guidance & his ability to read the lane condition, manage to get my girl to use the right equpiment to match the lane condition. After 8 mq, she has made it to qualify for woman graded. Achieved 10th position in the master, though not in the podium but to me is a decent achievement. With his experience & knowledge in coaching, Coach David has managed to change my girl bowling style as well as her equipments within few months time, which I think his decision was bold yet a positive move for my girl to excel & move to the next level.

Jocelin Tan

Agape, more than a Bowling academy.

My son, Aidan Poh, fell in love with the sport since the age of 8. He was learning Bowling under the school’s CCA scheme, which Agape Bowling Academy was appointed as the coaching academy.

His interest in the sport was pique by a team of dedicate coaches from the academy, their passion being contagious. Soon, we enrolled Aidan into their bowling programme, as his interest developed into a passionate pursuit of excellence in the sport.

In the team of coaches within the Academy, their experience and knowledge in the game of bowling was never in doubt. What surprises me most, is in the other qualities that they impart: sportsmanship, humility, resilience, and many more. These life skills and qualities are what I value above sporting excellence, for they mold a man, not just an athlete.

Today, Aidan is a national youth bowler under the Singapore Bowling Federation, a dream that he had harboured since a tender age of 10, which came true for him.

All these would not have been made possible if baby steps were not nurtured right from the beginning, and for this, I’m grateful that Aidan’s journey in the sports had started on the right footing with Agape Bowling Academy, laying down a solid foundation for him, transforming a boy into a man.

Kenny Poh

Commitment and Dedication

I would like to commend and compliment that the coaches at Agape are a group of dedicated and committed individuals, with each having their own specific personality and characteristics. They have the kids’ well being at heart, which is very important in the sport of bowling and know when to tug the strings at the appropriate times. We are grateful to all the support and assistance provided by all the coaches during training and at all competitions.

Justine Tan

Very dedicated and professional coaches.

I am so glad to be writing this testimonial for Agape Bowling Academy and all the coaches especially Coach Francis Liew.

When my son (Max Kwan) in Sec1 this year decided to join Bowling as CCA, I was a bit doubtful of his ability in this new sport as he was in Rugby school team for 3 years during Primary school days.

I have much confidence in him to be a better bowler now under the guidance of Coach Francis. Through his patience, dedication and passion, Coach Francis is able to impart his knowledge and skills to his students as he always try to adapt the training to the individual, even for group coaching.

Max look forward to every training session as Coach Francis has been very patient with him and help him to improve from his mistakes.

Once again,thanks to all the Coaches in Agape Bowling Academy for their dedication and guidance to their students!

Alicia Cheah

Agape Bowling – a nurturing academy

My sons, Isaac and Ian, really enjoy bowling training/lessons under Coach Francis. Both have improved tremendously under his patient guidance and coaching. Coach Dawnn is also an encouraging and patient coach. I would highly recommend Agape Bowling Academy.


Tan Yen Yen

Great experience

Very happy to train at agape as the coaches are very motivating and dedicated.

Ryan Koh

Thank you for believing in our girl!

There are of course many wonderful coaches – competent and truly helpful. To me, a brilliant coach is one with compassion, understanding and patience. One who is not just focused on the end results for their own fame and glory but one who focuses on the child, on the process and the journey the child is taken through to achieve his or her goals, one who believes in each and every child and motivates and encourages them to realize their dreams. I must say that I see this in all the coaches with Agape who has coached our daughter, Amelynn.

Amelynn has been training with Agape since she was in Primary 3. The coaches at Agape displayed the characteristics and values that we believe a good coach should possess. Amelynn started training without knowing how she should handle a bowling ball nor how to position herself and where she is today – all these we give credit to the patience and commitment of the coaches who had taught her since day 1. We must thank the coaches, like Coach Eric & Coach Alan who so patiently guided her and built her foundation well and allowed her to blossom in her own space and time.

As she advanced and went on to higher levels, she picked up more techniques and skills along the way, we also want to thank coach Eric and Kenneth for training her in her techniques and skills in the COE programme and coach Dawnn for her moral support and encouragement. When the child faces accomplishments or disappointments in tournaments, she never fails to be there.

And of course, coach David for coaching and taking care of her and for having so much faith in her. Amelynn has been given many opportunities to take part in various tournaments. The journey and the enjoyment as well as the learning process and the life skills she has picked up along the way were what mattered to the coaches and not the winning nor the title that would build the fame and glory for Agape. I personally saw these in the sincerity and commitment of the coaches that the child matters more than their own name’s sake. All these done for the love of the children will give them the exposure and experience that they need to build their confidence and they will emerge champion in their own way.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the coaches at Agape for taking good care of Amelynn and for believing in her. We have seen Amelynn mature and she has gained many positive and beneficial takeaways from her trainings as well as the many tournaments that she has taken part in. My husband and I are truly grateful when we saw how Amelynn handled the most recent tournament. We saw the fire, the resilience and fighting spirit in her and these are life skills that she has built. To us, that is more important than winning. She has showed us that although the competition was tough, she did not loose heart. She fought on and stood tall. We believe the coaches at Agape share these same values and believes hence, our child has been moulded with these valuable qualities that no one will ever take away from her. We are grateful to Agape for believing in her, otherwise she would not be where she is today.

Thank you to all the coaches at Agape. Kudos to all!

Angeline Kwek

Realising One’s Potential

Both my kids trained under Agape from the very time they were exposed to Bowling. Under their coaching, my children’s love for the game intensified as their skillets were sharpened. The Coaches adopt a consultative approach, engaging the parents in the development of our children’s training regime. The bowlers are viewed as individuals and developed with their respective potential in mind. The overall experience has provided us with the confidence and comfort that our kids are in good hands.

Cynthia Cheong

Caring and Committed Coaches

I was introduced to Agape Bowling Academy through my daughter’s school CCA Bowling program, which Agape conducted. She started extra training with Agape soon after her passion for bowling continued to grow.

I was impressed with Agape coaches who were committed in working with her patiently, while encouraging, guiding and building her confidence. The training at Agape is similarly well structured, and technically strong.

Today my daughter is a much improved player, mentally stronger and capable of competing at competitions.

I am very thankful to her Coaches, Francis and Dawnn, who not only worked to advance her technical skills, but more importantly, instilled in her discipline and aspiration to develop to her full potential. Their consistent dedication to the students is a testament to their professionalism and passion for their work.

Gerald Woon