Agape, more than a Bowling academy.

My son, Aidan Poh, fell in love with the sport since the age of 8. He was learning Bowling under the school’s CCA scheme, which Agape Bowling Academy was appointed as the coaching academy.

His interest in the sport was pique by a team of dedicate coaches from the academy, their passion being contagious. Soon, we enrolled Aidan into their bowling programme, as his interest developed into a passionate pursuit of excellence in the sport.

In the team of coaches within the Academy, their experience and knowledge in the game of bowling was never in doubt. What surprises me most, is in the other qualities that they impart: sportsmanship, humility, resilience, and many more. These life skills and qualities are what I value above sporting excellence, for they mold a man, not just an athlete.

Today, Aidan is a national youth bowler under the Singapore Bowling Federation, a dream that he had harboured since a tender age of 10, which came true for him.

All these would not have been made possible if baby steps were not nurtured right from the beginning, and for this, I’m grateful that Aidan’s journey in the sports had started on the right footing with Agape Bowling Academy, laying down a solid foundation for him, transforming a boy into a man.